Oolong translates literally to “black dragon tea” and contains polyphenols that act as antioxidants against free radicals in the body. Oolong teas bridge the distance between green and black teas, imparting a complex and inherent sweetness best enjoyed later in the day, and can actually benefit from multiple brewings with the last being more flavorful than the first. Oolong is the preferred tea served in most Chinese restaurants and a must have in your tea collection.

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How to Steep

1 Teaspoon
Scoop loose leaf tea into infuser.
Heat fresh water.
Pour water over tea.
4 Min
Steep within this time for optimal flavor.
3 steepings
Steep up to 3 times and enjoy different flavor notes.

Steeping Tips

  • Use fresh, cold water. The quality of water will affect the taste of your tea.
  • Take care not to poor boiling water over your tea. Boiling water will scorch the tea leaves.
  • Use a strainer or infuser basket to steep your tea rather than a tea ball or clamping spoon. This gives room for the whole leaf tea and herbals to expand and fully infuse.
  • Remove the tea from the water after the designated steeping time. Over steeped tea, or stewed tea, will create a bitter tasting brew.
  • For a stronger tasting brew, simply add more tea to your strainer or infuser basket before steeping.
  • Always remove tea leaves from water to prevent the tea from becoming bitter.

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